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Designed to burn slow and steady for HOURS of enjoyment, PINK T CREATIONS Jar Candles are VERY HIGHLY SCENTED and hand poured using only the finest all natural waxes and premium fragrance oils. From the first lighting to the last, they will distribute amazing, strong, “true to life” scents throughout your home. Available in 14oz single scent, 14oz 4Layer, 6oz PINK TREASURES Jewelry candle or 6oz SACRED TREASURES Jewelry candle.  


PINK T CREATIONS Wax Goodies are VERY HIGHLY SCENTED, STRONG and LONG LASTING wax melts made with only the finest all natural waxes and premium fragrance oils. They perform best in hotter warmers, such as tea light warmers, 20-24 watt hotplate warmers and 25-40 watt bulb warmers. Available in cubies, chunky melts, bundts, baby bundts, PINK TREASURES Jewelry melt or SACRED TREASURES Jewelry Melt.  
TAT~ Candles and wax goodies are made fresh when you order and will be shipped 5-14 days after they are made. (This does not include weekends or holidays) They will be cured and ready to burn/melt when you receive them! :)  

** every order will have a wonderful FREEBIE included! ** 

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Local pick up is available in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho, New Mexico area.