Welcome to pink t candles!

pink t candles are unique, PREMIUM ALL-NATURAL WAX candles made in the heart of the southwest, in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our candles are incredibly fragrant, and hand-poured fresh when you order. Our EXCLUSIVE ALL NATURAL WAX BLEND is amazing!!
  • 100% natural!
  • Holds a high volume of fragrance and has a fantastic scent throw!
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water.
  • Burns cleaner, slower, and cooler than other waxes and is virtually black soot free!


My jar candles are VERY HIGHLY SCENTED, and designed to burn slow and steady for HOURS of enjoyment! From the first lighting to the last, my candles will distribute amazing “true” scents throughout your home. I use only PREMIUM FRAGRANCE OILS made specially for natural waxes, and cotton wicks.


My cubies and wax goodies are VERY HIGHLY SCENTED ~ they are some of the strongest, longest lasting wax melts available! ** they perform best in hotter warmers, such as tea light warmers, 24 watt hotplate warmers and 25-40watt bulb warmers **
Candles and wax goodies are made fresh when you order and will be shipped 3-10 days after they are made. They will be ready to burn/melt when you receive them! :)
** every order will have a wonderful FREEBIE included! **

flat rate $8 shipping!

august “dog days of summer”

sampler box $35 (includes shipping) you will receive a wonderful assortment of wax goodies! cubies, chunky flowers, and mini candles 20 different scents in fun, refreshing summertime fragrances and all the newest additions signups ~ July 10-15 with invoices being sent out on July 15 and must be paid within 24 hours.. samplers will ship Aug 4-6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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