PINK T CREATIONS Candles and Wax Goodies are hand poured in the heart of the southwest in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. My exclusive blend of TRUE NATURAL WAXES ~ COCONUT, CARNAUBA PALM, and BEESWAX ~ has a strong fragrance retention and burns slow and clean.  
Designed to burn slow and steady for HOURS of enjoyment, PINK T CREATIONS Jar Candles are GENEROUSLY SCENTED with premium fragrance oils, and contain pure cotton, lead free wicks. From the first lighting to the last, they will distribute amazing, strong, “true to life” scents throughout your home. Because they throw so well, you will actually smell the scent better in rooms adjacent to the one the candle is burning in.  
PINK T CREATIONS Wax Goodies are VERY STRONG, LONG LASTING wax melts scented with premium fragrance oils. They perform best in hotter warmers, such as tea light warmers, 20-24 watt hotplate warmers and 25-40 watt bulb warmers.  
My name is Teri, and I have a passion for candles! I put my heart and soul into every product I make. I am devoted to bringing you exceptional candles, outstanding customer service and a superior home fragrance experience. ENJOY!  
TAT~ Candles and wax goodies will be shipped 3-10 days after they are ordered depending on the item. This does not include weekends or holidays. Jewelry items and custom warmers CAN have TAT times of 10-21 days. My wax blend has a short cure time, so your wax items will be cured and ready to burn/melt when you receive them! :)